Friday, May 23, 2008

Sophia Myles talks about her film, Outlander

FEARnet spoke to Sophia Myles about her role in the film Outlander during their visit to Moonlight's set. No release date yet. The movie sites just say it's expected to premiere sometime in 2008. Thanks to Jenn from FEARnet for passing on the interview :)

Sophia Myles on Life After 'Moonlight'!

British uber-hottie Sophia Myles' cult favorite vampire show Moonlight may have been axed by CBS, but the fetching blonde's not hurting for work. In fact, she's already awaiting the release of her next genre project--Outlander. A viking/alien-invasion thriller (yes, you read that correctly).

Here's how she decribed the film when we spoke with her on the set of Moonlight last month: "It’s set in 709 A.D., and I play a Viking warrior princess in a small Viking village. Right at the beginning of the story an alien ship crash-lands onto planet Earth, and on board is Jim Caviezel from Passion of the Christ and this terrifying Moorwen--it looks like a dragon/bull. And he’s brought that with him from a galaxy far, far away to planet Earth. It’s kind of an epic-adventure, where we try and slay the beast. I haven’t seen that mixture of period and science fiction before, so it was interesting to me."

Myles of course is no stranger to screen fantasy, having starred in not only Moonlight, but the Underworld films and the BBC's Dracula mini-series (she also played the title role in the Hugo Award-winning 'Girl in the Fireplace' episode of the BBC's new Doctor Who). Since she's worked in both horror and science fiction, we asked Myles what she prefers.

"I would say I’d pick sci-fi over vamps," she laughed. "There’s got to be other forms of life out here. I think it’d be incredibly self-centered to think that us on planet Earth are the most powerful, the only thing out there. So yeah, that fascinates me."


Elektra333 said...

Once again you've lifted my spirits with your post! How hot is Sophia! She is gorgeous! She really plays beautiful and sweet in Moonlight but I think we get a hint of her potential to sizzle in Arrested Development (using her voice to make those escort calls), BC when she makes Black Crystal induced move on Mick.... I could go on. Ahhh I do miss Moonlight. They didn't even scratch the surface of what they could have done with that show.

Deborah said...

Sophia Myles is a natural beauty with a brain who has always radiant on the screen. She plays "Beth" so well. She is one of those actresses who is underrated. With Sophia's talent and stunning looks, I am sure her career will take off. I look forward to seeing her on the television or movie screen.

Thank you, Kandye, for this update of Sophia. She left her home to work in the U.S. & look what CBS did to her & Alex!! By the way, did Sophia make any statement concerning the cancellation of Moonlight?

anna Van Z said...

Wow! This woman is SO gorgeous. Elektra, you're so right about the BC episode. I was thinking, OMG, she looks so hot, what guy is going to turn HER down! And of course the shower scene right after that was sooooo sensual....Just imagine the possibilities with this show on cable!