Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SPOILER ~ Two sneak peek scenes from What's Left Behind (#1x15)


This video contains two sneak peek promo scenes for this week's episode of Moonlight ~ What's Left Behind (#1x15).

In the first clip, Mick St John visits his old neighborhood and is flooded with memories. Flashback to he & his best friend, Ray, leaving for WWII. Then, Mick and his friend's wife, Lila, in a romantic moment!

The second scene will make your mouth drop open. Mick and Beth have a conversation about Vampires not being able to have children, and what that could mean for their relationship.


Lyn said...

Oh My! Did you see the look he gave her when she said "it may not be any good" ???

Oh My. Oh My, my, my.

Lyn said...

Slightly off topic ---- In Alex's watercooler interview, he mentions being a fan of Stephanie Meyer & Twilight.

Check this out...
"As Shakespeare knew, love burns high when thwarted by obstacles. In Twilight, an exquisite fantasy by Stephenie Meyer, readers discover a pair of lovers who are supremely star-crossed. Bella adores beautiful Edward, and he returns her love. But Edward is having a hard time controlling the blood lust she arouses in him, because--he's a vampire. At any moment, the intensity of their passion could drive him to kill her, and he agonizes over the danger. But, Bella would rather be dead than part from Edward, so she risks her life to stay near him, and the novel burns with the erotic tension of their dangerous and necessarily chaste relationship."

Sounds like some good reading for those of us vamp-crazy Moonlight fans, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Um- I just watched these clips while at work and I've bitten my lip to keep from screaming out loud with joy, amazement, lust, excitement. Now I'll just have to explain why my lip is bleeding!
And why my face is flushed. And I'm breathing so hard while just sitting at my computer.
oh my. I DO love this show!

Anonymous said...

If any Moonlight fans are not already familiar with the Twilight "saga", as author Stephenie Meyer calls them, then I highly recommend them. The first novel is being made into a movie due out this December 12. For young adult books, they are VERY sensual.
(-MortalCoil on the site)

Francesca said...

Oh wow, i am speechless...

First of all i hate the fact that they made mick to be a trader to his best friend with his wife. That wasnt cool but okay i guess that is the storyline for the son he doesnt know about...another storyline i personally dont care for.

Other than seems he is a bit jeolous of Beth working with Talbot which is another thing i truly dislike...i think she should of not taken his offer to work with him.

Their conversation in the car very interesting...excited to see what more there is there.

Micks face priceless when Beth says "It may not be any good" It's a face like oh yeah just wait and my my my !!!!! Wow wiping the sweat off my forehead. God he is just so Hot!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOWZA!!!! that was one HOT scene!!!!Looks like our boy Mick has been just a tad naughty!!!:) HOT!!!! He's got take Beth like and pin her against the wall!!! Also, the talk about sex and babies, you should see my face right about now, grinning from ear to ear. How hot was Mick when he said "You wanna have my baby" I just about died. Beth: Woah it may not be any good, did you see that stare, like as if to say.. hold on to your hat baby.. you haven't seen nothing yet.. OMG!!!!! Is it Friday yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I've already seen the first scene, but a SECOND scene? UNGH. That was awesome, the dynamic was incredible. Talk about wanting them to sleep together already, lol. Like it won't be any good *snorts* I can't wait until Friday now, la-dee-da-dee-daaaa.

Anonymous said...

Bella from Twilight is an idiot. I much prefer Beth.

LoveWhenMickSaysMyNameBeth said...

Great gravy...I just let out my best Joy Hickey "OH SNAP!" after viewing those scenes!!! I cannot wait for Friday!

kookiegirl said...



Anonymous said...

I thinl i'm in lust. The look on hs face...whew, like he may just make her toes curl up!

Deborah said...

Hmmmm, the human Mick was kind of naughty by having an affair with the best friend's wife.

I just loved how Beth teased Mick about "Elliot" as the baby's name!! Of course, the look Mick gave Beth was priceless after she said "Whoa, it may not be good". The only compliant I have is that, with the exception of ep. 13, Mick/Beth really have not behaved like two people who are madly in love with each other! In other words, no kisses, no touchy, touchy & no hugs!! The writers better give us some more sexy, hot scenes between Mick/Beth soon.

Thanks, Kandye, for posting this video. I know I will be glued to the tv this Friday night anyway.

Anonymous said...

All they need to do is find the rest of the cure and lock themselves away for a couple of months - I'm sure nature will take its course - and pronto - Elliot St John could be on the cards!!! Of course that would totally kill the show so lets not go there. But that is a way they could have a baby. To be honest, if I was Beth I'd be more worried about the ageing thing!

Lyn said...

I agree with Deborah. Although I get the reason why Mick is anxious about going to a full-on sexual encounter with Beth, at the same time it is getting a bit unrealistic that they don't touch, hold hands, kiss or even hug... which you would expect them to do. I honestly don't see how much longer the writers can drag this out without some kind of a resolution (either "on" or "off"). After all, we know from seeing human Mick with both Coraline and now apparently his friend's wife that Mick himself is not reluctant when it comes to getting sexually involved.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens. I can't believe the writers are going to think they can just let it drag on like this... so we will see.

I agree Kandye... I want the new episodes to hurry up and get here but then I am sorry as we near the end of them.

cobby said...

the second scene talking about babies???? Boy this is going very, very fast. They showed us one steamy kiss in FTP and in Click not one caress, or arm 'n arm, not one little peck of a kiss, especially in Mick's apt?? There were no signs of affection, and now there's a discussion about babies...seems like a whole chapter has been eliminated. Don't get me wrong, I love the Mic/Beth thing and want them to be together, but I also want signs of affection..."the love feeling is non-existent. And we know Mick told Josef he was IN LOVE WITH BETH, but he never told Beth yet, nor did Beth use the word LOVE to Mick or anyone else?? Plus Beth needs a best girlfriend, she doesn't have one, so how do we know what she's thinking??

Anonymous said...

Ok heres what i think
Maybe mick has a kid some where. with this person he slept with /

2.ND i think maybe micks worryed beth could do the same thing what he did .

3rd. its either they're going to hurry up and get steamy or just let go and move on to new vamps beth :P

tell me what u think about what ive written id love to know :)

thank you!!
xx. n.x.o.e