Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tearing down Moonlight sets

We had all been told that Moonlight's sets would be torn down Friday.... yesterday. Now, word is out that they won't begin tearing them down until around Tuesday, May 20th.


Anonymous said...

Am I naive to think that this is a good sign?

Bonnie said...

Is it certain it's because they're shopping it around, or is it just a meaningless delay?

Anonymous said...

I just read an update.. There are still in negotiations so we can't give up now. Call, email whatever it takes, CW USA, and SCIFI and now apparently FOX... Set can always be rebuilt. They are striking it down because there is another production that needs the lot. I know its sad just to think The Fortress of Style is going to be stored somewhere...Carry on TROOPS!!!

Vampire Solidarity Rah, Rah Rah

Wendy said...

Who knows. Keep the Faith!

Francesca said...

Hey Kandyegirl,

Hope you are doing okay. I feel this is not a good thing...i dont know.
What are your comments.

I know you are upset, we all are but i love hearing your comments i feel like you are far away right now.

Talk to us we need to hear your words.

Take care

angie said...

I can't bear to hear those words, tearing it down, seems so cruel.

Grace Whisperer said...

I'm not giving up hope. They tear down sets all the time. The question is whether it's being stored or destroyed. I would hope it's going to be stored as long as the negotiations are going on.... I feel bad for the MoonlightCon people though. I heard they were going to have a tour of the sets next week. :(

Anonymous said...

I can't bear the thought of no more Moonlight! I just can't. I am tossing and turning all night---I just tell my husband that I am thinking about my job---if he knew I was losing sleep over Moonlight AND esp. Alex---well---I could have lots of "'splaining to do".
:-) Seriously, this is killing me!