Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trying to understand television ratings

My friend, TexasBlondie, asked a good question. One that I know lots of you also have about the current tv ratings system. It is too confusing.

We've discussed the Nielsen ratings a great deal over the past few months. Most of us never worried much about the system, until we fell for Moonlight. :) Now, the way viewers are tabulated is very important to us.

TB's question : Hi Kandye - TexasBlondie here... do you know if having every television on your house makes a difference in the ratings? I am usually home on Fridays by myself and I had every turned to Moonlight - I have 4 TV's in my house....

Thanks, TexasBlondie! Moonlight fans are dedicated & marvelous... willing to do anything for our show. Woo Woo!

Unless you have a Nielsen box or take their survey, you are not counted by them. *sigh* Of all the people I talk to online & off, NONE are Nielsen families. Do you know anyone with their meter? Who are these elusive folks? If you are an expert in this area, I hope you will leave comments to help us to better understand.

One of the things we have been doing for quite some time is writing directly to CBS to say "I'm a loyal Moonlight viewer but I don't count in the Nielsen ratings you use." Letting them know how often we watch the show... on tv, online, DVR, Amazon, TIVO, iTunes. I have gotten tons of enthusiastic messages from you about this. You have jumped on this idea. I can only imagine the avalanche of postcards, emails & feedbacks they are receiving. YEA!

International Moonlight fans have really taken to this campaign, since their viewing definitely does not effect the Nielsen ratings. Write a quick email saying that you are from Canada, France, Brazil, Ireland, Australia, England, Italy, the Middle East, etc along with your viewing stats.

I knew I could depend on you :) Please, keep sending those messages. This is our own ratings system.

Be heard as a Moonlight viewer!

CBS contact info........

Feedback Form ~

Nina Tassler
President CBS Entertainment
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036-2112

Email and call CBS' Audience Services department
Phone # ( 212 ) 975-3247

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for trying to explain the crazy, convoluted Nielsen ratings thing. And for suggesting our own way of letting CBS know how many people are watching Moonlight!!! I'm one of the people who jumped on the idea. Ever since you came up with the campaign I've been writing the network about me & my family watching every week. Each episode over & over. You are right, they need to know about loyal viewers who do not have a stupid Nielsen box!!!