Sunday, May 4, 2008

TV's Sexiest Stars featured on TV Guide channel today

According to the schedule, the TV Guide channel will be featuring the actors & actresses who were on their list of TV's Sexiest Stars today. Since Alex O'Loughlin won the Sexiest Sci-Fi Guy category, he is included on the program. The show is set to air at 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 10:00 PM & Midnight Central Time today ~ Sunday, May 4, 2008. Check your local listings.

Alex's segment is in the last 15 minutes of the show.

Photo ~ Alex O'Loughlin & girlfriend Holly Valance at TV Guide's Sexiest Stars party in LA, Celebutopia. Click on the image above for a larger photograph.


Anonymous said...

To me, Holly looks like a million girls here in LA. You can see them on the beaches everywhere. Maybe she was a big hit in Australia but here in Hollywoodland she is just another regular girl. She is the vampire right now---feeding off of Alex's fame here, not working, and probably hoping his fame will launch her career. But if it doesn't, why should she care? He can support her nicely, thank you. On the other hand, classy and shapely Sophia works hard and doesn't have that skinny little girl look, but looks like a grown, mature woman; the way she dresses and the way she carries herself. Totally without conceit or trying to hog the limelight from Alex. On top of that, she is modest--remember, she just made the --what was it?---30th most beautiful face in the world! Jeez! She never mentions it! Wow! Sorry, Holly! No comparison. Hope Alex wakes up soon.

cobby said...

Dislikeing Holly is ridiculous!! JEALOUSY is the correct word for all girls, ladies, women out there that feel like anonymous. I'm one of the jealous women, but I'm not about to trash her, that's just stupid. Of course I wish he was mine....but that's so unreal.

I'm glad these two people found each other BEFORE Alex became famous. To me it proves their love is true. I hope it lasts in superficial Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

I think they make a cute couple. Hey, give Alex some credit and the way he said they met..when he was working in construction and kinda broke :). She obviously did not hold that against him!
He seems to be a great guy and I think he is old enough to make his own decisions.

I'm a big fan of Alex and I want him happy!


Holly B. said...

I agree. I've seen interviews with her and she seems just as genuous as Alex. I hope Hollywood doesn't change either one of them. Besides, I think she had more of a career than Alex did before Moonlight. But, who cares. They are happy and in love. I'm happy for them both.

Anonymous said...

I watched a couple of her music videos and she was sooooo gorgeous! She didn't look like her age(Was she 18 or 19 at that time?) she has a mature and sophisticated look. In my opinion, she sales her sex too much, it makes her trashy and ordinary. I hope some day she will turn her self around and find the better way of presenting her self.

kookiegirl said...

Disliking & trashing Holly is truly ridiculous so have 2 agree w/Cobby. They met when he was still struggling 2 make a name for himself here and besides she is famous & a sex symbol in Australia. Love her music and her ‘Down Boy’ hit song!!. They look great together; both genuine folks and those kids are going to be just as gorgeous as they are!!!