Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update on the CBS Moonlight demo phone line

The voicemail box for the CBS Moonlight demo phone line is full. Not surprising at all. I knew you would jump on the task :) Be sure to start calling again tomorrow morning. Hopefully, the mailbox will be empty and read for new calls by then.

Please, give the info to people in real life too! Keep in mind that many who watch Moonlight are not online visiting the blogs and forums. I have phoned & sent text messages to everyone I know offline as well, asking them to call the demo line at ( 818 ) 655-1779.

For those who are just hearing about this, here is a repost of the info ~

Hey all ~ After being rude to callers over the last few days, CBS is now accepting our calls again. Several of us have experienced the same thing......... Our calls were answered by a nice operator for a change. When Moonlight is mentioned, she asks where you are calling from and your age. This may just be a study to find out demos for the future. Or, they could be gathering info for their sister network CW. No matter what the case, it can't hurt to add it to our Moonlight list of things to do. :)

Phone number ( 212 ) 975-4545

We are being given another number to call ( 818 ) 655-1779! You will get a voicemail recording that says "For Moonlight demographics we are asking callers to let us know what city & state you are calling from and your age bracket. Please note, we will stop logging calls by this Friday at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time." Please, get EVERYONE you know to call!


angie said...

They gave out a 2nd number to call, here's the number 818-655-1779. Hope this works!!

Moonlight said...

Hey Angie ~

I've already published that phone number on the blog a couple of times. In fact, it is in the post that you commented on. But, thanks for making sure we have it :)

XO ~

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