Saturday, May 17, 2008

What's the Better HDTV Show Contest ~ Moonlight vs HDNet Fights

TV Predictions is hosting an poll to ask "What's The Better HDTV Shows?" So far, Moonlight has been on a winning streak. We beat NCIS in the last round. Now, we are in the finals for the LCD Division. Moonlight vs HDNet Fights. Please, vote for our show :)

Moonlight vs. HDNet Fights: What's the Better HDTV Show? sets out to discover which high-def program is the best of all.
By Allison Moore

Okay, which one is a better HDTV show? CBS; Moonlight or HDNet's HDNet Fights?

In the finals of the LCD division of our first annual elimination tournament to determine the best show in High-Definition, we pit Moonlight (8th seed) vs. HDNet Fights (7th seed).

Moonlight, which follows the bloody trail of the mysterious vampire Mick St. John, has achieved a cult following for CBS. Moonlight's final episode airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET.; CBS announced this week that it will not renew the series.

But HDNet Fights, which features contestants in the Mixed Martial Arts, has quickly won a strong following in the high-def audience, particularly with young males. HDNet Fights airs Friday nights on HDNet.


Lyn said...

Get over there and vote!!! Right now we are losing....

dumblonde said...

Get out & vote. Moonlight is losing right now 38% to 61% Booooooo : (

Anonymous said...

Hey folks,

Remember, the winners are those who can proceed despite discouraging news.

Let's pull Moonlight in as the first place HDTV show. It increases our chances of a pickup (these guys want internet savvy viewers as would be demonstrated by voting online). Also, added bonus, it makes Les Moonves and crew look foolish for their move to cancel a show that has a more dediated following than those kept. Les is already on the corporate hot seat for other decisions.

Come on! This is easy and we can do it!!

Anonymous said...

Alex jest boski XD

ok, ok. w końcu wszystko tu po angolu, więc Alex is the best !