Monday, June 9, 2008

Ratings for Ghost Whisperer airing in Moonlight's time period

Last Friday, CBS rebroadcast an episode of Ghost Whisperer in Moonlight's former time slot. It came in second place for viewers & the 18-49 demo share.

CBS ratings for Friday, June 6th, 2008

GW repeat in its regular spot at 7:00pm cst/8:00pm est ~ 5.41 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo 1.2/5 (2nd)

GW rerun in Moonlight's time period at 8:00pm cst/9:00pm est ~ 5.73 million viewers (2nd), 18 to 49 demo 1.4/5 (2nd)

Dateline (NBC) won our spot with 6.59 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo 1.7/6 (1st)

Finishing the night on CBS, a Numb3rs repeat at 9:00pm cst/10:00pm est ~ 6.72 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo 1.7/6 (2nd)


Anonymous said...

When will the Moonlight reruns that we heard about going to begin? I feel like I have not had a soft drink in 80 years. The Moonlight withdrawals are killing me.

Moonlight said...

Hey Anonymous ~

As I reported previously on the blog, CBS pulled the Moonlight reruns from their schedule after announcing the cancellation. :(

XO ~

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erin said...

i hope these rating are bad cause i want cbs to bring back moonlight repeats. i hope the repeats come back in july

Scarlet F.(cant remember my google/bloger password) said...

AM I THE ONLY ONE BOYCOTTING CBS!!COME ON PEOPLE!! DOWN WITH CBS!! I know I must sound crazy but Im pissed-off!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Scarlet, I am DEFINATELY boycotting the Crappy Broadcast System and I'm angry too! I have no interest in knowing what the ratings were for any other show in MOONLIGHTS time slot - we all know what a winner MOONLIGHT is! That network blew it, they are dead to me. And why are some people asking when MOONLIGHT reruns are going to return? MOONLIGHT has ceased to exist for the Crappy Broadcast System. I'm sure that when MOONLIGHT finds a new home it will be much better fit. MORE MOONLIGHT!

Anonymous said...

I hardly watched CBS before. Then Moonlight premiered and started watching GW and Moonlight only. Never was a big fan of CBS, only when Moonlight premiered. May 16th was the final episode of MOONLIGHT (Sonata)and that's was the last time I tuned in. I haven't watched CBS since Moonlight went off the air and I DON'T MISS CBS AT ALL, I have better things to do with my time, Like watch Moonlgiht reruns.. HATE CBS!!!!

Lorie said...

I wouldn't count on CBS airing any Moonlight reruns. I think they pulled them from their schedule to punish us.

Anonymous said...

HELL NO, you're not the only one Scarlet F!! I'm also boycotting the Complete Bastards Society (CBS). I'm boycotting them forever. And I'm spreading my message to anyone I meet. I will NEVER watch another CBS program. I liked Ghost Whisperer and Numbers a lot (NOT as much as Moonlight, of course). But, alas, I've given them up for the cause (No great trauma here). I didn't like any of the other CBS shows (bored to tears with CSI Las Miami York). I won't ever invest in another show from CBS. I'm also alerting advertisers about this.

Stand strong against the enemy (CBS)...Stand tall for our Hero (Mick)!!!