Friday, June 20, 2008 article about our DirecTV campaign to Save Moonlight

Enterprising Moonlight fans are getting the word out to various media outlets about our efforts to save our show! Tim Surette ( from ) has written an article regarding the DirecTV campaign.

Rumor: DirecTV looking at adopting Moonlight
By Tim Surette

Could the vampire drama be saved by the same people who saved Friday Night Lights?

There are hardcore fans, and there are hardcore fans. The guy with the Dwight Schrute bobblehead doll on his desk? He's kind of hardcore. Moonlight fans? They're really hardcore.

Moonlight fans are attempting to pull a Jericho with the recently canceled vampire drama, making it undead. They've put the line out there in attempts to hook a new network or television provider for Moonlight, and it looks like they may have at least a nibble.

According to Moonlight fan site Moonlight Line, which is attempting to resurrect the show, DirecTV has inquired about possibly picking up the program. Though DirecTV may seem like an odd choice--basic-cablers such as Sci Fi Channel seemed possible destinations--the satellite service has already acted as life preserver for another well-loved drama treading water.

In April, it was officially announced that DirecTV had reached a deal with NBC to keep Friday Night Lights on the air. The unique arrangement would see DirecTV have first-airing rights, with NBC rebroadcasting the show four months later.

It's unclear what DirecTV has plotted for Moonlight, but the company is apparently interested in at least considering something. According to one of the board's higher-ups, DirecTV asked the site to post a poll asking what members thought of DirecTV sponsoring the show. The poll is up with the following three answers: "No problem, I already have DirecTV," "I'll switch to DirecTV in a hot second," and "Not switching."

The results of the simple market research would then be looked over by DirecTV who would determine if any of this makes financial sense. As of press time, 21 percent said they already have DirecTV, 71 percent said they would switch, and seven percent said they wouldn't switch.

This is great news for Moonlight fans, but probably best to hold off on hosting a bloodsucking party until something official comes out.;ing;1


Anonymous said...

This would most definately NOT be good for me. I am locked into a 2 year deal with Comcast to provide my cable tv. There is no way I could switch- no fair!

Anonymous said...

To 1st anonymous:
There is a very good chance that DirecTV might sponsor with another network to spread out the cost, and if that happens,DirecTV would show the eps first, then the other network would replay them later on.

Also, if this is the only way we can get Moonlight, we need to support that.Then you could buy the eps on Amazon or watch them on youtube. If not, there won't be any eps to see---no brainer. Support this battle---we all win in the end.

Go vote on for DirecTV to sponsor our show!