Sunday, June 15, 2008

Video of the Moonlight fan rally in Dallas, TX

Thanks to the wonderful Wondergirl (couldn't resist a little pun), we have a video from the Moonlight fan rally in Dallas, Texas!


Anonymous said...

Hope all our rallies are successful! Also, please don't forget to vote again for the most heart-wrenching cancelation---we must maintain the lead and we are slipping back.

Anonymous said...

I echo the first comment in that I hope all of the rallies,etc are successful. I spent part of Saturday watching some MOONLIGHT episodes- it's SUCH a good show - MORE MOONLIGHT !

Anonymous said...

Wow! they had an awesome set up there. The posters and banner. I hope they had a great day and got some more people interested and informed about our show.n good job!-KissMeMick

Anonymous said...

what is the episode where mick gets stabbed and beth takes the stake out?

Moonlight said...

Hey Anonymous ~

Beth had to un-stake Mick in Dr. Feelgood (episode #1x03).

XO ~

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