Sunday, June 8, 2008

Video ~ Save Moonlight by the fantastic Czech fans!

"Save Moonlight" video from the fantastic Czech fans!

If this video doesn't get you riled up for Moonlight, nothing will. Foxy has made this incredible clip of herself and fellow fans from the Czech Republic. We know that there are Moonlight fans around the world, and now have video proof :) As she says, our show has created a great family! It has inspired us to help others and form this wonderful community.

"Dozens of countries.... Dozens of languages.... But we all speak the language of Moonlight"

Music ~ Attack by Hans Zimmer


Evah said...

Hi Kandye,
It seems just when I am at the point of giving up on this campaign to fight for MOONLIGHT, I see this heartwarming video & rekindles the encouragement I need to hang in there.
"Thanks" I really needed this,

Anonymous said...

Someone had commented on this once before- how the hopelessly inept, outdated Nielson ratings were concerned ONLY with viewers in the States (and that count was not accurate)and yet, ANOTHER country has been heard from ! How could MOONLIGHT have been cancelled? What is wrong with this picture? SAVE MOONLIGHT!

Rachelle said...

Wow! That was excellent. I don't think I've heard a more heartfelt plea. How can one NOT be moved? Clearly the international fans are every bit as devoted and passionate as the folks here at home.

Anonymous said...

OMG! What a great video. I hope Alex sees this one. My thoughts this weekend have turned to asking "just what is it about this show that encourages such strong fan support"? And then I watch this clip. I quess my second question is "why can't we get this across to network television"?

Anonymous said...

All I can say is----WOW! Who can now deny that Moonlight has that special something---that intangible quality---that reaches across language and custom barriers! We all feel it. I, like many others, have NEVER reacted this way toward any other show in my 53 years of life, and apparently, I am not alone. Someone, at some network, somewhere, of the Powers That Be have to recognize this phenomena.

Anonymous said...

Kandye! Oh my. I've got tears in my eyes. This show really HAS crossed all boarders and nationalities. Thank you Foxy for your dedication and for sharing your video. YES! I am inspired anew! Keep up the fight people! Thsi is BIGGER than CBS. I guess that is why they let it go, they couldn't handle size of it and US!

Anonymous said...

WOW! All I can say is this shows how Moonlight has that special intangible something that affects all of us,regardless of language or customs or age. In my 53 years I have never even come close to feeling about any TV show the way I feel about Moonlight. Apparently, I (we) are not alone. Someone of the Powers That Be, from some network, somewhere, has got to realize this fact and act on it.
Kandye, I am a bit concerned that we haven't heard a peep out of Alex or Jason, and I wonder what that could mean? Maybe I don't want to know---but if you hear anything I know you will let us know! Thanks for all you do for us die-hard fans. A willing freshie! :-)

Anonymous said...

When do we give up the good fight and accept defeat? I feel hopeless, so much time has passed since cancellation that surely if someone really wanted to pick it up they would have by now. I feel like I'm grieving for someone and need either a positive sign from the Powers of Be or closure.