Friday, July 18, 2008

Annual tv report predicts The Ex List will lose in Moonlight's time period

Each year, Horizon Media analyzes the tv shows on the major broadcast networks Fall schedules. Their report contemplates the future of the television programs..... which they predict will be successful and which will struggle. I've selected a bit of the info from the Hollywood Reporter's article, specifically the part regarding our beloved Moonlight.

I like the word "trouncing." ;>

Report analyzes upcoming TV season

An annual television report by Horizon Media that includes speculative estimates of how every broadcast show will fare in the fall.

With ABC shifting reality veterans "Wife Swap" and "Supernanny" to Fridays in the fall, the report speculated that the network will take control of the evening from longtime winner CBS. Although CBS' "Ghost Whisperer" and "Numbers" are expected to win their time periods (including besting NBC's new drama "Crusoe"), the report has ABC's "Supernanny" trouncing the new drama "The Ex List" in the former "Moonlight" slot to tip the scale.


cobby said...

OMG I hope it gets trounced more than that. Since my wish, hope and prayers for ML's return to ANY station isn't next best wish, hope and prayer goes to the TANKING of the Ex-List. Now I know that thinking isn't a Christian thought....but I can't help it...and truthfully I'm suffering any guilt over it. That "no name network" "done us wrong", so one lousy turn deserves another.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe!!! I love the word trounce. It's gonna be buried before the season ends. We'll have the last laugh. Do You Miss Us Now CBS!!!!! hahahaha!!!! I always say what goes around comes around. CBS is going to be squirming especially Nina and Les.....KARMA BABY!!!

zortil said...

I hope The Ex List tanks so badly that her bosses look at her like "WTH were you thinking?".

Yup, I'm still bitter.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you 10,000 percent Cobby!

Deborah said...

I sure hope that "Ex-List" will tank like Liar Tassler's pet project, "Swingtown"!! I am looking forward to seeing ABC knocks the wind out of that stupid, nameless network show.

NY_Moonlighter said...

(insert evil laugh here!)

It is only a matter of time! When it becomes official, I'm going to throw a party, take lots of pictures and send them to CBS. :D

View from the Mountain said...

This is July 18th, and CBS has completely removed Moonlight- and won't let me sign in!: they claim my password is wrong (I have it written down) and when I request a reminder for my password, they take me to an error page.

CBS is out of touch, and I think we have to keep lobbying for a new home for Moonlight!

I also hope that when it does find a new home, that it kicks CBS's BS around the block!

Anonymous said...

my question is why cancell such a good show i think that they should make another serise where mick st john has to turn beth to save her and then end it with them to gether for ever