Thursday, July 10, 2008

Daemon's TV writer not impressed by preview of The Ex-List

Sandie, from Daemon's TV, has written an article about the incredibly lame show (The Ex-List) that CBS is planning to air in place of the canceled Moonlight. In the piece, she says basically the same thing we did upon seeing a preview video of the usurper.

What were they thinking?!?!? As I ranted in a previous blog post... CBS executives stated they want to attract more female viewers. However, they axe Moonlight & Mick St John/Alex O'Loughlin in favor of this rubbish. URGH!

First Look: CBS’ THE EX-LIST
By Sandie

Now that we have learned a little more about CBS’ new primetime schedule, it’s time to take a closer look at all of their new shows, next up THE EX-LIST.

So this is what they are replacing Moonlight with…well I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t look even half as good as Moonlight. Then again, it’s a totally different genre, which begs the question why would they put it after Ghost Whisperer?

I’m not sure if I am convinced yet, I would really need to take a look at the full pilot to make a decision, but let’s just say it’s going to have to be REALLY good for me to get over the fact that it replaced Moonlight (which we all know I loved).


Sarah said...

You know, it's impossible for this show to do well. Not only is it terrible (you can tell that from even 30 seconds of watching the preview), but aside from older shows like Two and a Half Men and animated shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons (which isn't even that good anymore) the age of situation comedy is dead. Gone. Finito. The fact that Nina Tassler would actually put one on the air, let alone on a Friday night after a SUPERNATURAL-based show, is complete programming suicide. Nothing these days with any sort of comedic, non-dramatic base survives past the first handful of episodes, or even past the pilot.

Good luck, CBS is definitely gonna need it.

zortil said...

I hope this show tanks! Yes, I'm still bitter over ML's cancellation.

Kelcouch said...

Seriously how can The Ex-List ever compare to Moonlight.. it just can't!

The chemistry that MickBeth share cannot be replaced, I just made a new MickBeth vid to help express how I (along with all other fans) am feeling after reading Alex's message the other day. Please check it out if you're interested:

I can't believe the number of comments (60+) I've received in less than 24 hours of posting the vid.. everyone seems to feel as though they are in mourning. I know I do, but I still have hope also..

Kel :)