Friday, July 25, 2008

Moonlight Season One DVD alert for USA & release date for Europe

Moonlight fans are anxiously awaiting the great day when our show is released on DVD. So far, sources have said they expect it to come out in September for region 1 (USA). Can't wait! Amazon has a cool service that will notify you as soon as the Moonlight Season One DVD is available. I already signed up for my alert :) Here's a link, in case you wanna do the same........

Moonlight DVD Alert

As I have discussed with you previously, it is very important for the DVD sales to be huge! Not only to show, yet again, how much Moonlight means to its fans. This is also a way of letting the studio, producers, etc know that there is money to be made with it. They kinda like that. *grin* Big DVD sales & a continuing active fan base have helped lots of canceled tv programs to gain a movie or a return to television.... for example ~ Star Trek, Firefly, Family Guy, X-Files, Sex and the City. You get the idea :)

For our international friends ~ We have an actual release date for the European market (region 2)! Moonlight's DVD is set to be out on November 17th, 2008 according to UK.

Usually, the sets are released in the US before coming out for the overseas' market. The November release date for Europe gives credence to the possibility of the Moonlight Season 1 DVD going on sale here in the next couple of months. YEA!

Image ~ Mick St John ( Alex O'Loughlin ) in Moonlight series promo photograph


zortil said...

I can't wait for the DVD set! I've got a Circuit City gift card burning a hole in my wallet. It's earmarked for Moonlight. I hope they use this pic of AOL on the DVD box. It's one of my favorites. Goodness, how I miss our beloved show!

kookiegirl said...

Kandye, thanks soooo much for the Moonlight DVD alert link. I have already signed and September can’t get here soooon enough to watch my beloved Moonlight with any kind of interruption. As always, you’re a real trooper. VSRRR!!

Anonymous said...

Help! I just read a new post by Matt Rousch on TV where he says that there are now no plans to release Moonlight on DVD in the US!!! Tell me it isn't so!!

Anonymous said...

Could you get intel on how the sales are going in???

Godda love this series man I already have it on DVD, everyone freakin buy it.