Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TV Guide ~ Will Alex O'Loughlin return to The Shield?

Before Alex O'Loughlin became Mick St John on Moonlight, he was Detective Kevin Hiatt on the television show The Shield. A reader wrote to TV Guide to ask if he will reprise that role since CBS failed to renew Moonlight. Several of you have recently asked me the same question.

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Question :

Since the Network Idiots canceled Moonlight, will the yummy Alex O'Loughlin be back on The Shield? — Rebecca

Answer :

Mickey: The scoop on the final season of The Shield is locked up tighter than the canceled Moonlight's soundstages (ouch), but I have confirmed that O'Loughlin will not reappear. At the fall previews, however, Shield creator Shawn Ryan said that other familiar faces might. So keep your eyes peeled!

Photo ~ Captain Claudette Wyms ( CCH Pounder ) and Detective Kevin Hiatt ( Alex O'Loughlin ) in a scene from The Shield.

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cobby said...

This Mickey O'Conner from is a pain in the ass and I'm so sick of "his snark". I think he's totally unprofessional and I told him that a couple weeks ago on the Mega Buzz when he snarked Moonlight then.