Monday, August 4, 2008

Alex O'Loughlin on TV Guide's List of Sexiest Sci-Fi Stars

Excellent job, everyone! Alex O'Loughlin is on TV Guide's list of Sexiest Sci-Fi Stars thanks to your comments and support. I guess his unbelievable natural beauty & sensuality had a little to do with it too. ;) Alex is in the number five spot. Who is #1, you ask ~ Jensen Ackles from Supernatual.

The truly wonderful thing is, Moonlight was canceled in May but you continue to keep it & its cast alive and newsworthy!

The Sexiest Sci-Fi Stars

See which science-fiction sexpots readers love

#5 Alex O'Loughlin (Moonlight)

"He has the longest lashes, gorgeous hair and best facial expressions I've seen. That smile can light a thousand light bulbs. He's a true heartthrob but is so humble about it. That's the sign of a real star." (SonjaMMK)

Photograph ~ Mick St John ( Alex O'Loughlin ) Moonlight series promo photo


Anonymous said...

Alex is by far the sexiest and should have easily won the #1 spot...sorry Jensen!

kookiegirl said...

My sentiments are the same w/anonymous comment and IMHO, Alex should definitely have been ‘Numero 1’ on that list. I love Jensen since DOOL and he is a cutie but Alex is True Sex Appeal and Paralizing and totally agree with SonjaMMK comments....*sigh*