Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The History Channel ~ Vampires in America

MonsterQuest is a great show on the History Channel. Each episode investigates legends that we all know. They search for any truth behind the stories. Tonight, the show's theme is Vampires in America. Here is the official synopsis......

"A vampire scare in New England in the 1700s lasted more than a century and turned families and communities upside down. The dead bodies of those suspected of vampirism were exhumed and ancient curse-breaking rituals were performed on them. Watch as the latest technology is used to analyze historic evidence of the New England vampires and discover if there was any basis for the panic. Medical science is also used to examine those who believe themselves to be modern day vampires. Is there a common element between the suspected vampires of America's past and present?"

MonsterQuest : Vampires in America
The History Channel
Wednesday, August 6th, 2008
8:00 pm Central Time
9:00 pm Eastern Time

Repeats ~
Thursday, August 7th, 2008
12:00 am Midnight Central Time
1:00 am Eastern Time

Saturday, August 9th, 2008
12:00 pm Noon Central Time
1:00 pm Eastern Time

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
7:00 pm Central Time
8:00 pm Eastern Time


cobby said...

Well I watched this show and I love OUR VAMPIRE better. No way did I ever think vamps were real, but Mick was real to me, still is, and oh how I still love him!!!

Mick St John was a role Alex was born to create, be and play!!!

I can't wait to see what his next roles will be, hopefully there is another part out there that will put him on the screen regularly. (and I'm not talking slock parts)

kookiegirl said...

I also watched the show and couldn’t believe vampires were real?? I never was a fan of this genre until of course I saw Alex on Moonlight portraying IMO, the best Vamp ever. I still hope and have faith will see him back as MSJ…I don’t give up that easy!!

Found this article and wanted to share it.

Posted: Corco66 @ Tue Jul 29, 2008 – from MVS
Co-producers of Moonlight, Harry Werksman and Gabrielle Stanton were part of a sci-fi on tv panel at this past weekend’s Comic-Con. When Moonlight was brought up Gabrielle shared the following:
The removal of Moonlight was brought up to Harry and Gabrielle when an audience member mentioned that she and her fan group were buying ad space on forty Los Angeles buses with a message to renew the show. While Gabrielle loved the fan support she said the campaign probably wouldn't work: the sets were struck and the cast members had moved on to other projects. However, she did appreciate the sentiment and dedication of the fan base to get the show picked up again. Nothing new here but always nice to be appreciated. Want to read the whole article? Go here: