Friday, August 15, 2008

Hollywood Reporter ~ Alex O'Loughlin staying at CBS

Everyone has been asking what Alex O'Loughlin's next project will be. We all said that CBS would be completely insane if they let him go. Looks like the network agrees ~ they canceled Moonlight but obviously want to keep the star. The Hollywood Reporter just posted this new information.

Alex O'Loughlin staying at CBS
Has signed a one-year talent deal with the network
by James Hibberd

"Moonlight" star Alex O'Loughlin is staying at CBS.

The Australian actor has signed a talent holding deal with the network, sister studio CBS Paramount TV and ABC Studios.

Under the one-year pact, O'Loughlin will star in a new series project for CBS that will be developed by top TV producer Mark Gordon, whose ABC Studio-based company is behind such series as ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," Lifetime's "Army Wives" and CBS' "Criminal Minds."

O'Loughlin rose to prominence this past season as vampire PI Mick St. John on CBS' "Moonlight." He helped attract a passionate fan base to the ill-fated freshman drama, which was canceled in May. At the Television Critics Assn. press tour in July, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler credited the show's intense fan appeal to the actor. Under the new deal with CBS, he also will be able to pitch theatrical projects to CBS Films.

O'Loughlin, who next appears in the feature "Whiteout," is repped by ICM and June Cann Management.


Jeanelize said...

Thank you for the post :) I cannot believe that he would stay with CBS after what they did. I know we probably dont know the whole story of what actually went down but still! Anyways, at least it means we should be seeing our talented guy back on the air soon. Hopefully the next 5 season series :)

cobby said...

Well I can't believe it either, but a person has to make a living. Something we "normal" people have to realize is this: actors are nomads..they go where the work is..and if you're not an "A" list actor who can pick and choose the parts they want, they probably will take any job that's respectable and could enhance their career.

So we find it hard to "trust" but I think it's an actor's "way of life". My only consolation is this: by him staying within CRAP BS network grasp, perhaps, perhaps they'll let someone else handle Moonlight and resurrect it again.

moonlight824 said...

i don't understand.Nina said the show was actor driven meaning Alex.She knew the was popluar and now she wants him to be involved with other projects.Why not leave Moonlight if it is what she is referring to actor driven.That means ratings will be high. Why move him to something else?She is contradicting herself. I think there is more to this than we know.

Anonymous said...

I will NEVER get over CBS cancelling Moonlight. However, I still love Alex O'Loughlin as an actor and I will still follow him wherever he goes, even if it is unfortunately at CBS (sans Moonlight). After all, I can't punish Alex (or myself) for CrapBS' mismanagement. He does have to make a living, but also, I believe I previously read that he was still contractually obligated to CrapBS for another year or two. So, maybe he doesn't have much choice in the matter. And at the very least, he does have to go where he can work.

All that being said, I will support any show he's in, but I will continue to BOYCOTT ALL OTHER CBS SHOWS. I'm not going to reward them for screwing us over with Moonlight. We should still be looking forward to new episodes of Moonlight, rather than some nebulous new show that fits the "formula".

I also agree with another poster from yesterday who said something about faux fans who really only have negative things to say about Moonlight. They can't be REAL fans if they didn't like the show the way it was. If I didn't love everything about Moonlight, I would never have been a diehard fan in the first place. Sometimes I think there are Nina-soldiers sneaking in and posting "let's be reasonable" speeches about how "I loved Moonlight, but you know it really wasn't that good..." Do they think we're stupid? If you didn't think it was that good, why are you hanging around here with us supporters who are trying to resurrect the show? Go away and leave our FANS ONLY website alone.

Sorry to go so long, but I'm still not giving up on Moonlight, and I don't tolerate anti-Moonlighters very well.

Long live Moonlight!

kookiegirl said...

Wow….Kandye, you just made my day and w/end. ;o), thanks for such great news. Sure it’s hard to believe that our Alex is staying with “The Not So Smart Network”, but who can blame him…a man has to eat! Regardless, the idea of seeing him back on TV just gives me hope that ‘maybe or perhaps, as Cobby stated. they’ll let someone else handle Our beloved Moonlight and bring it back to live…now, that’s what I would call “Lucky Gift Wrap” for all the loyal fan(g)s...if ever comes to pass.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he's got work again, even if it IS with CBS. I just miss watching him on TV! I only have one hope...PLEASE let this new project not be a procedural crime drama. If he goes to some CSI-type show (I know there were rumors of that late last month, weren't there?).

I agree with Cobby. He's an actor and just can't afford to hold a grudge against a network because they canceled his past show. Obviously if they want him for another show then he must be doing something right in spite of the program he was previously devoted to, even though it was marvelous. Plus, he just doesn't seem like the type of guy who WOULD hold a grudge---he's too forgiving, kind, and honest of a person, at least from our point of views as fans. So more power to him! :) Hakuna matata and all that.

I wish him success with this, and heaven knows I'll be watching out for it when it finally premieres. Let's hope they release the title of the program soon! Thanks for posting, Kandye. :D

Anonymous said...

PS: Holy cow, I love that picture you used of him. *grabs drool bucket* I hope this new show doesn't make him cut his hair! EEP.

Lyn said...

I was pleased for him, he has to eat & keep a roof over his head and as Cobby rightly says, this is often the actor's way of life.

It says 2 other things to me too. That maybe the hurt and betrayal we felt at CBS was more on our side than the actor's who perhaps better understand that this is the way it can go for the business they are in.

Also that unless CBS choose to restart Moonlight (which seems unlikely) this contract may be good news for Alex but seems to be the nail in the coffin for Moonlight as it precludes him going elsewhere for at least a year.

Anonymous said...

I am from the UK and enjoy reading your website regularly and others on Alex O'Loughlin. Still miss Moonlight like lots of others and hope that CBS actually start listening to the loyal fans. Now they have signed Alex maybe the possibility of Moonlight being brought back is better than before - let's hope so. I read on a website that there were going to be bill boards up in New York sometime soon and adverts on buses in LA pushing for Moonlight to be brought back - is this true. If it is it would be great coverage to get the message across to CBS. As it is 24th August today (Alex's 33rd Birthday) I hope he has a great birthday today, and a successful 33rd year - hopefully in more Moonlight.
Lisa from the UK

pastoralcounseling said...

I am still so upset with CBS when they let "Moonlight" and Alex and the cast go. Alex put his heart and soul into that show and we loved it. I hope they don't put him something silly as I do not even watch CBS till 9:00 P.M. and hate the silly shows that are on early in the evening. I have always watched CBS and I loved Friday night with "Ghost Whisperer","Moonlight" and "Numbers". As a fan of Alex O'Loughlin I will follow him where ever he goes and hope he is treated better than what happened with "Moonlight." Please do not cut his hair.
Ginger Baird

Moonlight824 said...

I'm glad Alex is going to be on TV again but I really don't like that it is CBS. However, just seeing him again is great. I think Nina is trying to make herself look like a good person bringing him back. I just don't understand why not bring the show back. It has the fan base and Alex will still be on CBS.Just doesn't make sense.
I agree Jeanelize, ALEX don't cut the hair. I just like long hair on him. But he does look good in anything.