Saturday, September 27, 2008

Italian fan video promotes WorldWide Moonlight Red Cross Donation Campaign

The fans from Moonlight the Italian Cure have created this great video to promote the WorldWide Moonlight Red Cross Donation Campaign :) As you know, the idea is to honor the anniversary of our show's premiere. Since September 28th is a Sunday this year, donations made on Monday, September 29th will also be counted.

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Rod Seel said...

Alex O'loughlin to a contract because they now realize that they blew it by cancelling Moonlight. They knew some other network was likely to pick up Moonlight as a mid-season replacement, so they signed him so that they could put a final "nail in the coffin" of Moonlight. They were scared that if someone else picked up Moonlight it would be a big success, and that would validate that they blew it! Nina Tessler was scared she would be shown to have a tin ear and bad judgement. CBS and Tessler now realize that cancelling Moonlight was worse than a crime, it was a blunder! Showing there ignorance and arrogance yet agian. If they cared about their fans more than their ego, they would admit their mistake and bring back Moonlight.