Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moonlight Fan Video ~ The Very Thought of You by Billie Holiday

Silvervintage has created a new Moonlight fan video using music by one of my favorite singers.... favorite voices.... Billie Holiday. The clip uses great scenes from the series. I will let Silvervintage describe the idea behind making this particular video ~

Moonlight (Classic Film Style): The Very Thought of You

Moonlight, the old-fashioned way.

We thought we'd try to capture some of the old film style of Moonlight that they liked to show from time to time. We used the main cast, but mostly focused on Mick and Beth.

Song: The Very Thought of You by Billie Holiday

Mick St. John: Alex O'Loughlin
Beth Turner: Sophia Myles
Josef Kostan: Jason Dohring
Coraline: Shannyn Sossamon
Sarah Whitley:??? We couldn't find the name of the actress.

Well anyway, we hope you enjoy the video to one of our favorite songs. Besides, who doesn't want to see Mick as the chivalrous vampire?


Lyn said...

How much do we miss this show??? This video was great, but it brings it all back. Its Sept now and this time last year we were getting ready to see Moonlight for the first time and I certainly had NO idea what I was letting myself in for! And then again, in a just and fair industry where the Crap BS people didn't get to call the shots on something they don't have the capacity to understand, we would be getting ready for new Moonlight. It seems odd that back when we felt sure it would be renewed, I was wondering how I was gonna make it through the summer until Sept... never dreamed it would be Sept & no Moonlight.

Sorry for the venting, folks... this video just made me think of what we are missing.

Thanks for keeping "the tribe" together, Kandye.

cobby said...

My heart breaks everytime I see a new (or old) video of Moonlight. I too Lyn remember last year how high my anxiety was to see A NEW TYPE OF SHOW with this ever so handsome guy (I knew nothing about). How he and Moonlight took my breath away....and how week after week I couldn't wait until the next episode.....and then the writer's strike and then anxiety again until Jan 11 for LLF and then TMC on the 18th. We held our breaths until it was announced there would be 4 more episodes..then it started all over again, only this time I and every other fan thought for sure this is a GREAT sign for a "renewal" and a second season. More emotional anxiety and then WOW that video, 'DID 'YA MISS ME'...I almost died of a heart attack when I saw his face. I was screaming and hollaring and blogging constantly, calling friends on phone, etc and then we get FTP, Click and WLB on May 9....our hopes were so high and then on the 12th our hopes were crushed by the announcement that it was cancelled. I will never forget my feelings that day...."a death in the family", my heart was ripped out...and then we had to watch the LAST episode on May anger still rears it's head. Since I have every episode DVR'd I noticed about a month ago on the TVGuide on the TV next to the title SONATA it says, "series finale"..I hadn't noticed that for months.

I just watched TMC early this morning and plan on watch FTP later today. ML will always be in my heart. I know in my lifetime I will never care about another show as I do for ML nor had I ever before was unique and wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way Lyn and Cobby...and it all comes back when I watch a compilation video from Moonlight. I watched 'Sonata' yesterday and, no matter how many times I've watched it, at the end of the ep, when Beth says "How could you possibly know that?" and Mick says "Because I love you" I STILL swoon!

Anonymous said...

I agree with my fellow ML lovers. I miss our family. This video mde me cry. Just seeing them smile,intercting with eachother. Yes,it was just a show, but it brought so many people together. People who may never have comunicated with each other, became internet friends. These videos are so hard to watch, it's likeing watching home movies of loved ones who haved passed away. So sad. Sorry to sound morbid, it just hurts.