Wednesday, September 3, 2008

TV Guide ~ No release date for Moonlight DVD in USA

I've been receiving tons of emails asking when the Moonlight DVD is scheduled to be released. While the European market (region 2) has been given a date ~ November 17th ~ we still have not heard anything official for the US (region 1). *sigh* According to several people who attended the Moonlight convention in May, one of Moonlight's producers said the disc might be out in September. That didn't happen. After contacting the WB many times about this, I received a single reply stating it would not be released in 2008. It went on to say the tentative plan is for Moonlight's DVD to come out in early 2009.... no exact date.

TV Guide's Matt Webb Mitovich responds to a Moonlight fan's inquiry about the DVD release.

Question :

I've begun to hear rumblings that the Moonlight DVD for the U.S. has been put permanently on hold, even though the European edition is set to release in November. Any truth to the rumor? – Robyn

Matt :

What did you draw me into?! I checked into this topic and was made met with quite a scary Silver Wall of Silence. At the end of the day, all I have is this from David at "Warner has not announced any plans for a U.S. release of Moonlight."

Please, keep contacting Warner Bros Home Video! Ask them to release Moonlight on DVD in the US.

WB feed back form ~

Warner Bros Home Video
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522-0002

Kevin Tsujihara ~ President of WB Home Entertainment Group


Anonymous said...

So strange!! Why would the European market get the DVD set before the US market? Surely WB knows how much $ they can make once it's released in the US.

I can't tell if this is good or bad.

Lyn said...

You know what? Who needs 'em? Between Amazon Unbox and iTunes... with the help of a nifty little connector that connects my iPod to my HDTV, I will manage thank you very much. Would the behind the scenes stuff be nice? Sure... but we have a great online community and (especially!) Kandye and her site which enable us to keep up with a lot of news, interviews, pics and wallpaper etc. The networks clearly don't give a hoot about fans and what we need or want, so I say - who needs 'em?

Anonymous said...

Awh, this is sad. My mom deleted all of the Moonlights on the DVR (I was very angry s you can well imagin) so I havent really been able to watch them on the TV for a long time. I really hope they dont decide to not sell them in the US.

Lyn said...

If you have a PC or an iPod, you can download them from either Amazon or iTunes. There are connectors available at Radio Shack for a few bucks which allow you to connect either device to a TV. Then you can watch it on the big screen whenever you want.

Anonymous said...

Despite all of the "we can watch the episodes on Itunes or Unbox"-there is still something very sinister going on here......Moonlight is dead and it truly seems that no matter what is/was done to attempt to save it or move it elsewhere, or to watch the beloved 16 episodes we had, despite the zillions of dedicated fans -it's just not going to happen. Aside from being angry doesn't anyone else think this is VERY wierd? Something is going on here.......

Anonymous said...

First they leave us with a cliffhanger ending in the last Moonlight episode, cancel the show, and then decide to delay the release of the DVD? I'm shocked.