Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vampires & Slayers ~ Alex O'Loughlin audio interview from NYCC

Vampires and Slayers website has posted another great Moonlight related audio interview. This time, it is Ed's chat with Alex O'Loughlin at the NY Comic Con on April 20th, 2008.

Note : You must be a member of the site in order to listen to Alex O'Loughlin's interview. If you don't mind, please let them know that I sent ya by putting my name ~ Kandyegirl (like you didn't know *grin*) ~ as the answer to "How did you find out about Vampires & Slayers?" Thanks :)

by Edward Gross ~ Editor of the Damned

Last spring both Alex O'Loughlin and Jason Dohring appeared at New York Comic Con to promote Moonlight, which was yet to return for its final four episodes. At that time, V&S editor Edward Gross caught up with both actors (the interview with Jason has previously been posted here), and what follows is his conversation with Alex O'Loughlin. Note that Jason was sitting next to him at the time doing a separate interview -- and pay attention early on to Alex's discussion about his pizza, which is amusing. The conversation covers a number of topics, most notably the sequence in which Josef turns Mick back into a vampire.

Use this link to hear Alex O'Loughlin's interview :

Photograph ~ Alex O'Loughlin (Mick St John) and Jason Dohring (Josef Kostan) talking to fans during the Moonlight panel at the New York Comic Con

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Anonymous said...

God, I just love him. He's so intelligent, honest, and just forthright with himself. It's a really admirable way to live his life. :) Very wise beyond his years.