Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vampires & Slayers new audio interview with Jason Dohring

The lovely Ed Gross, from Vampires & Slayers, has posted an audio interview he did with Jason Dohring.

Funny.... you can kinda hear Alex O'Loughlin's voice in the background cuz he is being interviewed at the same time by someone else.

Note : You must be a member of the site in order to listen to Jason Dohring's interview. If you don't mind, please let them know that I sent ya by putting my name ~ Kandyegirl (like you didn't know ~ ha!) ~ as the answer to "How did you find out about Vampires & Slayers?" Thanks :)


Having broken onto the scene and really captured people's attention as a part of Veronica Mars, actor Jason Dohring reached new cult TV heights with his role as vampire Josef Kostan, Mick St. John's best friend, on the late (and lamented) Moonlight. Earlier this year, V&S Editor Edward Gross had the opportunity to speak to Jason at the New York Comic-Con, this interview taking place prior to the show's last four episodes airing following the Writer's Strike. One note about the audio quality of this interview: he and Alex O'Loughlin were sitting next to each other, participating in separate interviews, so the "noise" level gets high at certain moments.

Click to hear Jason Dohring's interview ~

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