Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Hey! Nielsen website is shutting down

It's official..... The Hey! Nielsen website is being taken down. You have done such an outstanding job of supporting Moonlight and our cast. Thanks to your dedication our show has been #1 on the Hey! Nielsen for months, even after the cancelation. Your opinions have Alex O'Loughlin at #2, Sophia Myles at #3, Jason Dohring #4, my Alex O'Loughlin fan blog at #5, Alex's fan club site at #7 and Shannyn Sossamon at #9. WOW! *cheer* Let's go out on top!

Tell the world how you feel by sharing your opinions ~

Special thank you from me to all who have kept my Alex O'Loughlin fan blog in the Top 10! It is amazing! I appreciate you, my friends :)

Here is the official announcement message from Hey! Nielsen's staff........

Dear Hey! Nielsen Member,

Hey! Nielsen as you know it will wind down in the coming days as we work on a new consumer site. We thank you for sharing your passionate opinions with us over the last year.

Your feedback was not only insightful, but also a valuable component in several research projects at Nielsen.

During this transition, protecting your privacy is critical. Your personal information will not be shared with any party outside The Nielsen Company. If you no longer wish to be contacted by us, please update your current membership information to opt out of future emails.

Again, we want to thank you for your passionate and honest feedback.

Hey! Nielsen staff

We welcome your comments.


Strawberry Swirl said...

cool sight. think Alex O'Loughlin is hot!!! Saw him in the movie feed and been hooked since. when does moonlight comes on?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nielsen says they want to thank us for out passionate and honest feedback. OK, thats nice but what good did out passionate and honest feedback due for our show!! All of our efforts accomplished NOTHING AT ALL!! And Alex hopes we all tune in to his new upcoming show on the crap broadcasting system? Thank you but never again for me.