Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Alex O'Loughlin is a major TV star waiting to explode"

A thoughtful fan asked TV Guide's Matt Roush about the long wait for Alex O'Loughlin's new television project. She articulated a worry I've heard from many of you..... Not wanting Alex to lose momentum, fan recognition and appeal by taking too much time out of the public eye.

We want to keep Alex on the media radar!


Question : I am concerned regarding the ratings for Pushing Daisies and the very real possibility of this show being canceled. While there are no shows on this year that will cause me agony like Moonlight's cancellation did last year, I think Pushing Daisies is a really unique show unlike anything else on television. What do you think of its chances to at least make it for a full season? As I mentioned, I still mourn the loss of Moonlight. While my love of the show was always about the whole show and not a particular actor, I have noticed that Jason Dohring will be on a new HBO show. What is going on with Alex O'Loughlin? CBS signed him to a talent contract and he was supposed to be working on something, but there's been no mention of anything recently, particularly from CBS. Do you know anything? With all his fans, CBS is making a major mistake not getting him on something. — Faye

Matt Roush : Right now, I'm just hoping ABC will air all 13 of the Pushing Daisies episodes that were initially ordered. I'll worry about the rest later, but I think you have to consider it a long shot to make it to the end of the season, let alone beyond, unless someone high up is really looking out for the show. As for Alex O'Loughlin: Haven't heard anything, but to me, an even bigger mistake than not yet having announced his next project would be to rush him into a project before they've found the right one. (And while the early demise of The Ex List no doubt has the I-told-you-so'ers chomping for a Moonlight comeback, that's beyond unlikely.) TV is always at its worst when it's more about the deal than the show, and locking a star into a show if it's not the right fit for either the star or the network is a recipe for disaster. But make no mistake: Alex O'Loughlin is a major TV star waiting to explode, and given the success Simon Baker is finally having with The Mentalist, it should be only a matter of time before O'Loughlin finds a suitable vehicle to take full advantage of his undeniable charisma.


Thank you to Cobby for making sure I knew about this :)

Photograph ~ Alex O'Loughlin doing Q&A session for his film, Feed.

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