Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Video ~ Mick St John & Beth Turner's first and second kiss

Does any show have better end scenes than Moonlight?!? This is a particular fan favorite :) You will see Mick and Beth's first two kisses in this video. Of course, it is the final, amazing moment from the Arrested Development episode (#1x05).

The music used as the soundtrack for this kiss scene is the awesome song Sleep by Meiko.


kookiegirl said...

Wow...this is indeed some good least for me!
I found this bit of info in the Alex O' Information Network. And eventhough I am not a bit surprised about Alex and Holly split, even though they made a cute couple, I always thought she was not a real match for him. Instead I was delighted to hear about him and Sophia, I always thought their chemistry on TV was for real. I truly hope they are in a relationship. She is a better choice and by that I mean she is a sweet lady and they truly make a nice and cute couple. If it is indeed true then I wish them all the best! Here is the NEWS POST!

Alex O'Loughlin was born on Tuesday, August 24, 1976 and he is a famous actor. On February 15, 2009 "The Herald Sun" and "The Daily Telegraph" reports that the Aussie couple (Holly Valance and Alex O'Loughlin ) have split after being an item for nearly four years. The couple, there for each other throughout their careers in America, have unfortunately grown apart.

At this moment, neither has denied the information that came from months ago to run as a mere rumor that increasingly takes greater force. Some sources indicate that the actor currently maintains a relationship with British actress Sophia Myles.

Anonymous said...

kookigirl....Can you give me the link to that information please??
I'll love to see them together as a couple hehe!!