Thursday, February 19, 2009

Video ~ Spoiler ~ Information about Alex O'Loughlin's character on Criminal Minds

TV Guide's Matt Mitovich spoke to Ed Bernero (executive producer & writer of the tv show, Criminal Minds) to get more info about Alex O'Loughlin's guest starring part on the series for us! You can hear what he found out in the video above ~ beginning around the 19 second mark.

SPOILER ALERT....... details about Alex O'Loughlin's upcoming serial killer character on a soon to be seen episode of Criminal Minds.......

Mega Minute: Scoop on Criminal Minds' Date with a Vampire, Supernatural and More

• Criminal Minds boss Ed Bernero sheds a wee bit of light on guest-star Alex O'Loughlin's dark role.

"Alex is playing a killer whose life is unexpectedly changed by an incident, which prompts him to reach out to the BAU team for 'help'."


mochaxlight said...

Do you know when this is going to air? I'm so excited!!

Lyn said...

I am excited to see Alex again. Criminial Minds not my favorite show... but I am still excited to see Alex in it. That said, I am a bit concerned because the decscription of this episode and Alex's part in it sound very similar to his description of the lead character in the new series he was supposedly developing for CBS. Maybe its just a coincidence (he did say that "redemption" was a favorite theme of his) but I hope this doesn't mean that CBS liked the concept but decided instead of building a series around it, to put it in one episode of an existing and popular series.

I understand it is due to air in April.

Anonymous said...

I love criminal minds.Im so excited
that my beloved Alex o loughlin will be on hopingthat maybe theyll do a spinoff on his character and give him a new show.i still think cbs was crazy for cancelling moonlight and i watch the reruns faithfully on scifi .anything alex is on ill watch.i even watch feed thats true love and loyalty.