Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TV Guide ~ Cheers for Alex O'Loughlin

TV Guide's Cheers & Jeers feature only has CHEERS for Alex O'Loughlin's guest starring turn on Criminal Minds (The Big Wheel episode #4x22)!

Cheers & Jeers
by Bruce Fretts

Alex O'Loughlin: So Good He's Criminal!

Cheers to Alex O'Loughlin for his chilling--and moving--turn as a serial killer on Criminal Minds. The ex-Moonlight bloodsucker actually made Vincent, a Buffalo videographer who wrestles with his obsessively murderous impulses and bonds with a young blind boy, a sympathetic character. If CBS doesn't pick up O'Loughlin's fall pilot, Three Rivers, they're crazier than Vincent. This guy's a Simon Baker waiting to happen.

Photograph ~ Behind the scenes @ Alex O'Loughlin's TV Guide's Sexiest photo shoot by Rodelio Astudillo

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