Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update message from Alex O'Loughlin

Hey all....... Alex O'Loughlin has sent a sweet new message to update all his fans :)

Its been a while

Hi everybody.

Well it certainly has been a minute since I last wrote you all, but I am glad to say that it's because I literally have not stopped working since we last spoke. I finished The Backup Plan a few days ago and flew straight back to LA to start production on Three Rivers, which is where I am now.

The film experence was wonderful! We were very lucky to have the team of producers & the director that we had and I would work with them all again tomorrow! It was nothing but positive.

Our director and leader, Alan Poul was as good as you can get. Very intelligent, funny, sensative to everyone's needs and a true visionary. I think we might just have a decent little film on our hands! ;)

Many of you have sent me messages full of questions about Jennifer and how I found working with her, and I appreciate your enthusiasm.

Jennifer is a very private person and I respect that, so what I will tell you is that she is all the good things you could possibly imagine her to be. Funny, smart, generous, always prepared, very professional, always punctual... and of course, beautiful.

Thank you all so much for the constant support. It can be difficult to reach you all personally and individually, but none of your love and hard work ever goes unnoticed or unappreciated. It is something in my life that helps me find the energy I don't always think I have, to get through another long work day and stay inspired. Without you all it would be kind of pointless so, again, thank you.

All my love
Alex O'Loughlin x

Photograph ~ Alex O'Loughlin in a behind the scenes picture from the TV Guide Sexiest stars photo shoot ~ image by Rodolfo Martinez

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