Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Alex Update!

Alex O'Loughlin has sent another new message to his fans. He really tries to keep us up to date on his busy life. Not only is he working on several projects, he mentions being asked to throw out the first pitch @ the Dodgers vs Pirates game (on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009). I hope some Moonlight fans in the area get to see him. Sounds like Alex is gaining a bit of the popularity he deserves.

Me Again

Dear All,

As I write this I am conscious of the fact that I feel like I say the same things in every blog I send out to you all... "Thank you-Thank you-Thank you". I haven't stopped for so long and it kind of seems like my birthday came and went really quickly this year. But it wasn't without THE most ridiculous influx of gifts, cards, and the usual, wonderful support I am slowly becoming accustomed to from all of you. My ever loyal and loving fans.

So I guess I'll just say it again..


Three Rivers has me very busy everyday and with the upcoming release of Whiteout I have found myself working every weekend too, busy with promotions & publicity in an attempt to launch the show and support the movie. I am very excited about both.

But the thing I am most excited about is the opportunity Three Rivers has presented for me to get back to some community service. I am now a spokesperson, and soon to start my training to become an ambassador for Donate Life America. It is such an important cause and one that so many of us could do with a little more information on.

I am now officially an organ, eye and tissue donor and have my little DLA card to keep in my wallet. (god forbid anything ever happen that would put it into action!) That being said, and again...touch wood...I now have the chance to give the gift of life, which I believe is the greatest gift of all.

On another note, and FYI, I will be doing the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson again on Labor Day (to air that night I think) and it looks like I'll pitch the first ball of the Dodgers-Pirates game on September 15th so wish me luck. I had some pitching practice today at the stadium and apparently I can throw a ball. Haha. Not at 100 MPH though. ;)

Guys, thanks for a really terrific birthday. You make me feel like I'm never alone.

Be well. Be safe.

All my love,
Alex. x

Photograph ~ Alex O'Loughlin from TV Guide's Sexiest TV Stars photo shoot ~ image by Rodolfo Martinez


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