Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chiller TV contact information

As promised, here is the contact information for Chiller TV. I know that we all want to say a huge "Thank You!" to them for giving us soooooo much Moonlight :) No matter which television network airs our show, we should expose them to what a loyal and passionate following it has even after being canceled over a year ago!

Programming note ~ Tonight, Chiller begins airing the first season of Moonlight. Starting with a marathon. More schedule info is in a previous post.

Chiller TV Info
Viewer Hotline Phone Number : # ( 201 ) 735-2445

Corporate Office :
Chiller Viewer Relations
900 Sylvan Avenue
1 CNBC Plaza
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Website : www.chillertv.com

Message Board : http://boards.nbcuni.com/chillertv/

Moonlight is listed on their Series page : http://www.chillertv.com/Series/

Their official synopsis for the show.....

Moonlight (2007)
Red-blooded and romantic cult favorite about vampire-detective Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin) and Web-tabloid reporter Beth Turner (Sophia Myles) solving strange murders in Los Angeles, where a community of the undead thrives just under the radar of the human population. Viewers late to the game take note: the series revamps the rulebook of traditional vampire mythology, with garlic, holy water and wooden stakes having no effect on their targets. Co-created by Ron Koslow, who developed the heart-fluttering Linda Hamilton-Ron Perlman television series Beauty and the Beast. With Jason Dohring and Shannyn Sossamon.

Photograph ~ Cast series promo picture for Moonlight tv show


Greg said...

I think the series Moonlight was one of the best shows ever aired by CBS. The show was fabulous and the story line had it all ... action, romance, intrigue, etc. What a huge mistake on their part for canning this after barely one season. Somebody really didn't do their homework very well ... this was a smash IMHO. Now, with he advent of New Moon, etc. this could take off in a big way if they brought all of the cast back together again for more episodes and air-time.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that will ever happen Greg. Alex O'Loughlin has a pretty sweet deal as the star of Hawaii 5-0.

Anonymous said...

Can you please start showing The X Files in order again. I have watched them from the beginning of when you started showing them and then all of a sudden you started randomly showing some of the series that have already been shown. I think you stopped showing them in order around the end of season 5. please, please could you please start showing them in order again. thank you so much