Monday, November 9, 2009

New interview with Moonlight actor David Blue

iF Magazine recently chatted with everyone's favorite slobby vampire, Logan (David Blue), from Moonlight. He is ready to do a Moonlight movie also :)

Television :

The actor talks about the SyFy Channel series that he's on now, MOONLIGHT and UGLY BETTY (which he used to be on)


David Blue is only in his twenties, but he’s already on his fourth cult TV series, STARGATE UNIVERSE, after having regular/recurring roles on the vampire drama MOONLIGHT, the comedy UGLY BETTY and the youth-skewing THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACK & CODY. He’s happy to talk about all of them, plus he chats about shows he hasn’t been on (HEROES, CHUCK), but loves anyway.

iF: Do you have fans from MOONLIGHT, where you played Logan, the techie vampire?

David Blue : Oh, yeah. Absolutely. And even better, I have good fans from MOONLIGHT, who are saying that they’re going to watch this show. [Erstwhile MOONLIGHT lead] Alex O’Loughlin is a friend of mine, and any time I can read a script, I’m like, "We’ve got to find a role for Alex on this show." I know he’s busy with his new show, THREE RIVERS, but [MOONLIGHT was] great. If [MOONLIGHT executive producer] Joel Silver and the rest of them get together and decide to do a movie, would I love to be Logan again? Abso-freaking-lutely.

iF: Did they let you keep the vamp teeth?

David Blue : No, I never had to vamp out. In the original series finale, which was the season finale, I believe it was written that Logan vamps out and jumps and does some vampire-type stuff, and all the producers sat around and went, "Nah, he’s too lazy." So I just run. That’s why I wanted to do that role, was to have the fangs. It never happened. I would love to revisit that so I can do that. And the contacts are really cool, too. I’d like to do that.

David Blue : BLUE: Please keep tabs on me, at or twitter/davidblue. As far as STARGATE UNIVERSE, and I really, truly mean this, watch and decide for yourself, because I guarantee you, that will answer all your questions.

To read the entire interview, just follow this link.....

Photograph : Actor David Blue

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