Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Moonlight on list of best canceled shows by has released their list of Best Canceled TV Shows of the Decade, which includes Moonlight!

The other televisions series on the list are Freaks and Geeks, Roswell, Firefly (another personal fave of mine), Arrested Development, Jericho & The Unit.

Gone Too Soon : Best Canceled TV Shows of the Decade
by Susan Young

Moonlight : Cloves of garlic were sent to CBS entertainment honchette Nina Tassler, blood drives were mounted across the United States, and DirectTV, the savior of Friday Night Lights, was pounded by a write-in campaign that pledged subscriptions if only the company would pick up the vampire series. Nothing worked. The fan-fueled campaigns couldn't make up for the low ratings and it was canceled in 2008. So instead of being a crime fighting vampire, CBS turned actor Alex O'Loughlin into a transplant doctor in Three Rivers. Too bad CBS didn't hang in for one more season, when they could have cashed in on the current vamp phenomenon that's turning the Twilight franchise into a money making machine.

Photograph ~ Vampire private detective, Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin), in his office from the Arrested Development episode (#1x05) of Moonlight tv show

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