Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is the Hawaii Five-O remake next for Alex O'Loughlin?

Since CBS canceled Alex O'Loughlin's latest show, Three Rivers, there has been much speculation about what his next project will be. Hopes abound that Moonlight will rise again, either on television or movie screens. We knew that CBS did not want to let him go. Today, Michael Ausiello (of Entertainment Weekly) is reporting that the network is trying to interest Alex in a remake of Hawaii Five-O. Please, discuss and share your opinion by leaving comments on Michael's post &/or here.

CBS eyeing Alex O'Loughlin for 'Hawaii Five-O'
by Michael Ausiello

Will the third time be the charm for CBS and Alex O’Loughlin?

Undeterred by the back-to-back failures of Moonlight and Three Rivers, The Eye net is courting O’Loughlin to headline the freshly-greenlit remake of Hawaii Five-O, sources confirm.

“Talks are ongoing,” says the insider. “CBS really wants to do another series with him.”

The original Five-O — which starred Jack Lord as Det. Steve McGarrett — ran on CBS from 1968-1980. The update is being shepherded by Fringe writer-producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, as well as CSI: NY e.p. Peter Lenkov.

At press tour last week, CBS president Nina Tassler reiterated her strong desire to stay in business with O’Loughlin. “We love him,” she said, “and want him to stay around a long time.”

What do you think? Should CBS book O’Loughlin for Five-O? Or are you still holding out hope for a Moonlight resurrection? Sound off below!

Photograph ~ Actor Alex O'Loughlin ~ photographed by Janet Mayer


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! STOP sticking Alex O'Loughlin in BORING shows that are not centered around him!!!! He should not be in the same old boring medical or cop or lawyer shows that the TV networks churn out. A remake????? If you are going to remake anything it should be MOONLIGHT!!!! DUH!


Victoria said...

I agree with Taryn. Hawaii Five-0? Come on. My Dad loved that show. What kind of audience are they trying to attract? That does not excite me at all!

Lyn said...

Agreed! What the heck is wrong with these people??? They had a perfectly good format for him which would have gone on to success if only it had been allowed time to develop properly -- especially as the vampire craze was just about to hit. I gave 3 Rivers a try because of Alex... and I will do the same for this if they do it. CBS is so in love with formulaic dramas but can they seriously think that ANYONE want's 5.0 back? Really????

Aurelia said...

No, no, absolutelly not! CBS is like.. bad karma!!! You don't make the same mistakes twice. Ok moonlight was bad luck (unfortunatelly), Three rivers was bad luck all over again, the third time will be a dissaster. Run Alex! RUN!

As someone said, i only watched Three rivers because of Alex, but give a break...

Arabic TV Programs said...

He is endearing. I will go for it. I am finding myself irresistible after seeing all the reviews.

Kekepania said...

I'm all for MOONLIGHT returning! I'm still watching my episodes and I'm still struck by how much story is yet to be told. Hawaii
5-O? Puleeze!!! Moonlight, all the way, baby!