Sunday, November 11, 2007

Interview with Sophia Myles and Alex O'Loughlin on ET

In this Entertainment Tonight (ET) interview, Sophia Myles and Alex O'Loughlin discuss what it is like to do a romantic, sex scene while being filmed. Loved it when she says "There is a sexual tension between them obviously. I mean, look at him." That is awesome! Even she can not resist Alex..... er... I mean Mick. :) Sophia looks lovely and sweet. I enjoy hearing her natural accent.

Alex is relaxed, funny and gorgeous ~ as usual. Speaking of a delicious accent! Adorable to hear him discuss filming a passionate moment. The girl who gets the job of rolling around with him, as he describes it, is soooo lucky! I could listen to him saying "fondle" over and over. *wink* I swear he blushes again in this interview.

What I hope happens soon, is an interview with them together ~along with Jason Dohring. Beth, Josef and Mick have such chemistry. I think having them chatting and bouncing comments off each other would be great fun.

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pernilla said...

"Steamy season"..looking forward to that..=DD