Sunday, November 11, 2007

Moonlight Fans, Trevor Munson and Jason Dohring on Writer's Strike Picket Line

I am proud to report that Moonlight fans took pizza, and moral support, to the writer's strike picket line last week! Guess who happened to make an appearance? Jason Dohring and co-creator/executive producer/writer Trevor Munson! Several Moonlighters were able to talk to both men. All who did have only great things to say about them. It is always good to hear that someone you admire really is down to earth in person. :) The photo of Jason above is from his visit to the WGA line. Apparently, Trevor & Jason mentioned that they were working on episode #10 on that day. And, that 12 scripts were completed before the strike.

Thank you to all who provided this info, especially Rafferty Rulz!

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