Saturday, November 17, 2007

Last night's episode "12:04" already on the CBS site

Whoa! CBS has already posted the full version of last night's "12:04" episode #1x08 on their website. That was fast ~ it is only 2:00AM. It used to take them until Saturday to post the episodes.


Nina said...

Okay, I'm starting to wonder if you ever sleep. Last week you reported that the full episode was on by 4 a.m. This time 2 a.m. So, do you sleep? You don't have an empty freezer in your house, do you:-)

I'm downloading last night's episode from Itunes - the CBS intertube doesn't work well for me. Also no TV so...but I like having Mick on my laptop all the time. Thanks for posting the sneak peak for next week. Not looking good for Beth. Evil, evil Coraline!

Moonlight said...

Hahahaha, Nina! You are so witty :)

Now you know my secret! I've been a night owl my entire life. My poor parents. *grin* Actually, I love to sleep ~ but I prefer to do so during the day. Also, have been fascinated by Vampyres from as early as I can remember. Called that many times too ~ which I take as a compliment, of course.

Lucky girl! I wish I had every episode of Mick, Josef and Beth on my computer.

You are most welcome to the Fleur De Lis promo. :)

XO ~