Thursday, November 8, 2007

Media Blvd Magazine's Interview with Alex O'Loughlin

MediaBlvd Magazine did an extensive and very informative interview with Alex O'Loughlin. The writer, Christina Radish, asks him great questions ~ such as how it feels to wear those sexy vampire fangs, what the "blood" he drinks is made of & if biting women on the neck is a turn on or off. *wink* Aside from discussing his Moonlight TV show and playing Mick St John, Alex is comfortable enough to talk about himself.

He mentions being a night owl, which I totally relate to of course. :) Family Guy, martial arts, writing music, playing his guitar, rock climbing, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, the Blues and Rock are just a few things that he admits to enjoying. Nicknamed "A-Rod." Alex likes two of my top vamp movie picks ~ The Hunger and Lost Boys!

Alex was screen tested for taking over the role of James Bond from Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig ended up being cast. In the interview, Alex candidly admits that he thinks he was too young to play Bond... at least for now. Most actors would not be that honest.

Another subject they clear up, is the urban legend that has sprung up about Bon Scott being Alex's father. Scott is the deceased lead singer of the Aussie band ACDC. Internet rumors are persistent, pesky beasts.

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