Thursday, November 8, 2007

Moonlight is the #1 tv show download for CBS on Amazon!

Moonlight is the number one tv show download for CBS on! #1! If the network can not tell how devoted the fans of this program are by now, I don't know what it will take. It was great to see it in first position on the Top Selling CBS Series list. Way to go, Moonlight fans :)


Anonymous said...

Please don't download Moonlight off the Internet any more, especially during the writer's strike. The wonderful people who wrote this show don't get ONE THIN DIME from this practice, although the studio and network rake in tons of cash. It's the crucial point over which the union is striking right now, and every download is a blow against the writers. If you love Moonlight, support the writers who create it!

Anonymous said...

When the writers sell their work, they're selling the rights to loyalties. It is no longer their work. What they're asking for isn't how it works

Hi, I'm Dee said...

interesting discussion. as a writer i see both sides. i hope the strike ends soon. and the writers get what they ask for