Monday, November 5, 2007

Moonlight TV Show Cast Photo Wallpaper

Here is a Moonlight TV show wallpaper featuring the cast ~ Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St John, Jason Dohring as Josef Konstantin, Sophia Myles as Beth Turner and Shannyn Sossamon as Coraline. All of the main characters on the show! What a great looking group of people. :) If you click on the image above, it will bring up a bigger photo for you to use on your website, as your desktop background or in a MySpace layout.


Jade said...

just wanted to say i love your site! i saw where you had posted at IMDB and thought i would check it out!
and thank you for the wallpaper!!

Chele Belle said...

Thanks for was great seeing last week's episode with the shower scene again...OH MY LUSTY GOODNESS!!! Keep 'em coming...Toodles.

tomztoyz said...

Hey Moonlight Fan,
I seriously LOVE this photo for a desktop wallpaper & plan to use it in one of my Myspace layouts!! The graphic is super-sharp & hi-rez...looks great!

Thank You!!

Moonlight said...

Hi Jade ~

Thanks for the love :) I'm glad you like my blog and wallpaper!

:) Kandye

Moonlight said...

Hello Chele Belle ~

You are welcome! Moonlight really knows how to create a memorable scene :)

Take Care ~

Moonlight said...

Hey back Tomztoyz ~

I'm glad you like my Moonlight wallpapers. :) Keep checking back for more!

XO ~

Mindy said...

Love your site - thanks so much for putting this together. I was wondering - how can I get this on myspace? Where is the code? I'm still kinda new to uploading pictures and stuff on to myspace. I have the fan one w/Mick and Beth, but I wanted the whole cast, too. Mahalo from Hawaii-Mindy

kirdes said...

Thanks for all of this information!! I love this site!