Monday, November 5, 2007

Writer's strike begins today! Will it affect Moonlight?!

It is official ~ the writer's strike that has been talked about for months began today in New York City and Hollywood. Already, "The Late Show with David Letterman" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" have both announced that they will be showing repeats. They rely on daily and topical jokes, which takes ~ you guessed it ~ writers. And you thought they wrote all of their material. :)

One of the reasons those of us who adore Moonlight have heard so much about this is because new TV shows, which are already vulnerable, can be devastated by the strike. From reports, there are several episodes that are filmed and ready to go. That should mean that we will get our Mick and Beth fix for a few more weeks. What happens after that though? Will CBS stand by Moonlight if the strike drags on and on? It has great momentum now. If the strike lasts a long time, will the program have the same following when it begins airing again?!?

I know that you have also been sending them feedback expressing your feelings about the show. Now, more than ever we have to keep showing them how loyal and serious we are as fans of Moonlight!

CBS Feedback ~


Cati said...

I love your Moonlight blog!!! Thanks for sharing your obsession...I am an adict, too.

JuLo said...

Ack! What will we do if they cancel this show just because of a stupid strike!? How is Alex O'Loughlin ever going to find another show that let's him be so sexy? ;p

Pernilla said...

I have been sending feedback before and I will do it again! I agree with you..and I think we all need a Mick and Beth fix every week!!

Moonlight said...

Hi Cati ~

Thank you, and you are welcome! :)

Peace ~

Moonlight said...

Hey Julo ~

Just the thought of Moonlight being cancelled..... :( We have to make sure Alex keeps his job! Keep sending email, mail and calling CBS!

Take care ~

Moonlight said...

Hello Pernilla ~

Thank you for continuing to send feedback to CBS about Moonlight! Way to go :)

XO ~