Thursday, November 22, 2007

Please, support the Hungersite! :)

The Hunger Site

We are enjoying our Thanksgiving with family and friends. A great bunch of people! I can not explain how grateful I feel. We always tease my sister (who is the best cook) that she makes enough food for an army. ha! As we devour our delicious food & eat leftovers for days, I can not help but think of those who do not have what we do. You may be aware of the following website. However, it seems fitting to include it in this Thanksgiving message.

It is FREE! It only takes a few seconds and a click to help untold numbers of people. You will also find the Breast Cancer Site, Literacy Site, etc attached to the page. We click on each one while we are there. :)

Amazing that my obsession with Moonlight would allow me to meet so many wonderful people. I enjoy talking with you and sharing our addiction. ha! THANK YOU :) Blessings to you all on this day and always!

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