Thursday, November 22, 2007

Vote for Moonlight on E! Online's "Save It or Sink It" Poll

A little fun for you while digesting that delicious Thanksgiving meal. :) Several readers have sent me email about this poll. Kristin, from E! channel's Watch with Kristin, has posted a do over for her tv show "Save It or Sink It" campaign. In the first poll, we ended up with 57% of people voting to save it. As I write this, Moonlight is at 36.7% save it in this second chance poll. I know that just means that not many fans know about it yet. Spread the word!

Recently, Kristin had the following exchange with a viewer ~

Stephanie in Whittier, California:
This writer's strike has me all in knots...Can you tell me if my new favorite show, Moonlight on CBS, will survive the strike? From what I know the ratings have been fairly solid, but I fear that doesn't guarantee anything in the wake of this strike.

If it helps, I seem to get more reader mail about Moonlight than about any other new show, including Pushing Daisies, Chuck and Gossip Girl. I hear you, and I promise to catch up ASAP!

Can you imagine how much mail she must get, but Moonlight questions & comments make up a majority of it?!!?!? Great job! We want to continue to give the show a high profile. Keep sending messages and lets VOTE on Kristin's poll. Show them what the avid fans of Moonlight can do!

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