Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Alex O'Loughlin in the Movie "August Rush"

Our Alex is in the new movie, August Rush, which opened today. I'm an action girl, so this is not really my kinda film. However, since Mr O'Loughlin is part of the cast, I will be making an exception. :) I hope the makers of the movie know how lucky they are to have him. The box office is gonna go up just from Moonlight fans!

Alex portrays Marshall Connelly ~ the brother of Jonathan Rhys Meyers' character, Louis. Speaking of Jonathan, our thoughts & prayers are with him and his family at the loss of his mother.


Sunny said...

I'll see it too just to get a glimpse of Alex in another role. Check out the "Oyster Farmer" clips are on to check out. He's so lovely.

Francesca said...

Hey everyone.

I went to see the Movie and let me tell you this movie is a beautiful movie, very emotional and just beautiful. Alex O'Loughlin had a small part in it he was the brother of the main actor in the movie but he was adorable in it as usual. He is a great actor and there isint much he can not do. Love ya Alex. But you have to watch the movie not only because of him but because the movie is wonderful.

A must see!!!