Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Promo Photos From Episode #1x09 ~ Fleur De Lis

I know that a majority of Moonlight fans were none too thrilled with the final scene in the promo video for this week's episode ~ Fleur De Lis (#1x09). Another shower scene, but not with the same lady. Mick grabbing and passionately kissing Coraline has sparked quite a debate. There are a lot of theories.... he is just pretending in order to get information from her or to see if she does have that pesky tattoo or it is a dream or he still loves her.... I said at the time that I have photos to share from this episode. Coraline on Mick's stairs wearing his shirt! Is there an innocent reason? Her clothes are in the dryer? No robe? Or..........

There is also the photo of Mick wet and almost shirtless while talking to Beth. We know that she is investigating "Morgan" in this episode. Perhaps, she gives Mick the evidence in that folder he is holding. Then, it looks like they are surprised by something. Is it Coraline descending the stairs in Mick's shirt? Poor Beth!

By the way ~ Enjoy Friday's episode! We will have to wait for 3 whole weeks for another new show. Sleeping Beauty (episode #1x10) does not air until December 14th. URGH!

I thought I would at least have reruns to tide me over. TV Guide's listings only had info for one future Friday (11/30/07). CBS is showing some silly special about the Grammy's in place of Ghost Whisperer and Moonlight that night. :( If/when the network does decide to air repeats of past episodes, please be sure to tune in as if it were new! We want them to see that we love Moonlight enough to rewatch over and over.

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