Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TV Guide ~ Mick's Vampire Makeup by Deborah Larsen

TV Guide Magazine has a fantastic feature of Alex getting vamped out. YUM! Deborah Larsen is the head of Moonlight's makeup department. She worked with Alex (stunts, promotion, makeup ~ is there anything he does not do for his show?!) to come up with the signature Vampire look for Mick. I love the simple approach used on Moonlight vamps. Since the show is about Vampyres that live among us, it makes sense that they would not turn all hideous when it is fang time. Speaking of fangs, I'm so happy they included a photo of Alex with those awesome teeth!

Click on the images above for larger photos. You will be able to read the article. This Mick article is in the December 3rd to 9th issue.

I have already sent TV Guide a thank you message. We need to be sure to let any media outlet that covers Moonlight know how much we appreciate the exposure & support. Let them know that they gained viewers and sold more magazines because of the show. Encourage them to do it again. If you want to send them feedback too.....

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Anonymous said...

Great article! Scrumptious Alex! Yum! He really is a very good actor & so easy on the eyes. Moonlight has really come into it's own in the last couple of weeks. The next THREE weeks are going to be horrible with no new episodes! Thanks so much and please........more Alex and more Moonlight! Caro in Savh