Friday, November 9, 2007

Vote for Moonlight to win a People's Choice Award!

People's Choice Awards

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If Moonlight wins a People's Choice Award, it will be very difficult for CBS to even think about cancelling it! This is very important. Counting on my fellow Moonlight fans to spread the word. VOTE! Tell your family & friends. Voting is allowed once daily. Let's prove to the network that the show has garnered an extensive, loyal and determined group of fans already. Just click on the "Vote Now" button above.


Cynthia Blue said...

I voted. I am really liking this show... I hope it doesn't get canceled. Quite often it seems like the shows I really like get canceled. Hrmph.

Jennifer said...

I'm just amazed at all the fan sites that have been created in the short time that Moonlight has been on! Here are some of them:

And here are all the ones that are on Live Journal:

I say we start to send those novelty vampire fangs to CBS immediately to show our support!
It worked for Jericho.

Moonlight said...

Hi Cynthia ~

If we work together, we can show CBS how fortunate they are to have Moonlight. Thanks for voting! Please, vote every day and ask others you know to do the same. :)

Also, send CBS feedback, mail &/or phone calls to express how much you like Moonlight!

Cordially ~