Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sneak Peek of Friday's "The Ringer" Episode #7

This sneak peek promo of tomorrow night's show ~ The Ringer Episode #1x07 ~ has made me even more anxious to see it! Mick meet "Morgan" the photojournalist. Or, is she really his thought to be deceased wife Coraline? The stunned reaction on Mick's face causes that spark of jealousy in Beth again. For the first time, he is not completely focused on her. He can not take his eyes off the mystery woman. You know that Beth is not use to sharing his attention with anyone else. This is going to be good!!!

Hmmmmm.... speculation on my part ~ Mick is able to smell other Vampires. Shouldn't he be able to tell if Coraline is pretending to be "Morgan?" I guess we will find out tomorrow night.

Moonlight TV Show

The Ringer ~ Season 1 Episode 7

Friday Night

8:00 PM (CST)

CBS Network

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Anonymous said...

God this episode looks great I can't wait to watch it tomorrow night. Plus I was the 1st one to post a comment. :)