Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sophia Myles Wins Bafta Scotland's Best Actress Award

Sophia Myles has won Bafta Scotland's Best Actress Award for 2007! The win is for her role as Kate Breck in the film "Hallam Foe." Her name was one of only two that were submitted in the Best Actress category. Strong roles for women are few and far between. That is sad! At least our Sophia found a good one. Perhaps the publicity surrounding her lack of competition will compel writers to create more challenging characters for actresses.

Congratulations Sophia!!!!!!

"Hallam Foe" screened in the US at the Chicago International Film Festival held last month. The name was changed to "Mister Foe" for the fest. If it is given a full release in the US it may not be until March of 2008. Apparently, there is an issue with whether it should be shown in movie theaters here or just on television.

Photograph ~ Kate Breck (Sophia Myles) and Hallam Foe (Jamie Bell) in a scene from the film.

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