Sunday, December 9, 2007

Matt Roush's "shout out" to Moonlight fanatics!

Hey guys! A TV Guide reader wrote to Matt Roush to ask a Blood Ties question. I had to share his answer with you, because he gives a fun "shout out" to the voracious fans of Moonlight ~ which I highlighted in white. :)

PS..... I do not wish for any television show to be cancelled, especially not one that is Vampyre related. :> Hopefully, the Blood Ties fans feel the same way about us.

Kim S. :

OK, I know you hate Blood Ties, but cut me some slack. It is my guilty pleasure, plus it is the best vampire show on right now. I noticed that the last two episodes of this season are only going to be shown on the Internet. Does this mean the show has been canceled or is it just fallout from the strike?

Matt Roush :

Kim, you naughty thing, riling all of those Moonlight fans by calling this anemic pretender the "best vampire show" of the moment. Here's the situation, as explained by Lifetime: Blood Ties' companion shows, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead and America's Psychic Challenge (seriously, I'm not making up these titles), reached their season finales before Blood Ties did, so the network decided to air the remaining episodes online because the "Psy-Fridays" franchise was no longer intact. Which may not make much sense to fans but can be read as a lack of support for this show by the network. I'm told Blood Ties' fate hasn't been yet determined, but I wouldn't be too optimistic. Still, anything's possible, given that this show is an acquisition from Canada and not an original Lifetime production, so the decision will probably be more economic than creative.


Kekepania said...

Blood Ties an "anemic pretender?" Has Mr. Roush softened just a bit? Ha! MickBeth can do that to even the hardest of hearts!

Anonymous said...

anemic pretender, eh? ouch! lol